About Us

"we have brains and we are not afraid to use them"

Brain:IT is an IT company founded in 2012 in Slovakia by a senior IT executive Martin Basila.

We are proud of the fact that our team is the choice of many leading suppliers of IT services in Slovakia. We have substantial experience in eGovernment – we were responsible for the implementation of projects managed by internal and external teams which included integrations, architecture, testing and operation. We consider working on eGovernment as one of our biggest challenges in terms of complexity of architecture and project management.

Besides „standard IT business“, we have a strong passion for developing new innovative solutions for different types of industries. Currently, we’re investing our energy into Waste:IT – an intelligent “real- time” monitoring solution based on ultrasound technology (www.wasteit.sk), and Neuron:IT – a software solution which provides with complex environment for work with simulated/artificial neuronal webs (ANN) and can be applied as a universal tool for solving problems or situations where the standard algorithms fail.




We are proud holder of certificate ISO 9001:2009